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Earn money on social media platforms and blogs with ConvertSocial

Step 1

Select a brand

Get instant access to 100,000 brands and shops from around the world

Step 2

Get a link

Join campaigns without moderation and create affiliate links seamlessly

Step 3

Promote on your platforms

Create content and share links on all your platforms

Step 4

Earn everywhere

Earn commission when your followers buy via your links

Step 5

Claim your money as you want

Withdraw your earnings via bank transfer or on your PayPal account

Monetize your social media and website content cooperating with trusted brands

Earn from sales, clicks or on exclusive terms


Average order 38.28
Average reward 1.02


Average order 61.09
Average reward 1.10


Average order 12.52
Average reward 0.97


Average order 293.93
Average reward 11.38


Average order 75.58
Average reward 1.75

You create content. ConvertSocial takes care of the rest.

Earn on your social media platforms, blogs and websites. Get paid for target actions no matter of the following size

Bloggers and influencers
Stores and multi brands
$10 million+
Paid out since 2020
1 billion+
Reactions under our campaigns' posts

Join our ambassadors

Top influencers use ConvertSocial for finding collabs

Join community of 150,000 content creators globally

Start earning with any number of followers


ConvertSocial Tools

Get Link

Easily create a link on the platform:

  • Your favorite brands can be sorted by categories, countries, and niches
  • Or you can browse the whole brand catalog

ConvertSocial Extension

Create a link instantly with the Google Chrome extension:

  • When using Google Search select websites marked with the ConvertSocial logo to generate a link

Why ConvertSocial?

For platforms of any size

You can earn through ConvertSocial with following of any size

Freedom to create

You know best what is interesting to your audience

No deadlines

You advertise and monetize, when you’re ready!

Always in touch

A dedicated account manager will guide you in maximizing gains with ConvertSocial

Detailed reporting

Insightful statistics will drive your sales and improve results


We share best practices and success stories of fellow influencers to help you grow your social media platforms and blogs

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