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Brand Categories

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Generate referral links and lead followers anywhere: a website home page, specific product page, or selection of discounts

Create and share:

  • Create different links to track income for each social media account
  • Add unique tags to your links to see which products perform best
  • Generate short & visually pleasing links that don’t take up much space

Comprehensive Statistics

Find out what generates the most revenue. Visit the Statistics tab to see which content/offers spiked interest in your audience

Analyze the reports:

  • See your audience’s favorite brands, your most popular posts, and the income generated from each social media account
  • Track clicks, orders, and revenue in real time
  • Use that data to increase revenue from each social media account

Withdrawing Earnings

Withdraw your earnings in the way that’s most convenient for you

Withdraw fast and easy:

  • We allow withdrawals to bank accounts, bank cards, PayPal and WebMoney
  • Dollars, euros — with our built-in conversion tool, you can withdraw funds in any currency

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