ConvertSocial rolls out Fast Payout for verified publishers 

Jun 2, 2023
3 min

The Fast Payout feature, enabling publishers to earn revenue immediately, is now available to ConvertSocial partners.

With its introduction, verified publishers can now withdraw their generated revenue more quickly and efficiently – usually within 24 hours to five days – giving them a significant advantage in the highly-competitive advertising industry. 

Traditionally, publishers had to wait for a long time before they could access their hard-earned commissions. Having recognised the need for faster transactions, the ConvertSocial team responded by implementing a super-fast payout system for approved actions, cutting the need to endure long waiting times on payments.

An end to the publisher payment waiting game

By receiving their payouts quicker, publishers, influencers and content creators can manage their finances more effectively by reinvesting earnings or focusing on other important aspects of their businesses. 

This system is only available to verified publishers – those who have been personally vetted and approved by ConvertSocial account managers. By ensuring that only verified publishers can use this service, we can maintain the highest levels of security and accountability.

With our game-changing Fast Payout, we’re providing creators with the unparalleled speed in accessing their earnings, enabling them to use that money to secure their financial well-being and propel their work to new heights. By ensuring fast payouts, we’re continuing our commitment to supporting every creator, every step of their way to success.”, said Ksana Liapkova, CEO of ConvertSocial

Fast Payout’s roll-out not only further sets ConvertSocial apart from its competition, it also proves a roll-out model which will see new and additional features added to Mitgo businesses, future-proofing all Mitgo platforms.

Fast Payout or the standard system – it’s your choice

It’s important to note that Fast Payout is only implemented at the request of the publisher themselves. Publishers who prefer to remain using the standard payment system can do so. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs of publishers, allowing them to choose the payment method that best suits their business.

The many advantages of Fast Payout 

Efficient revenue generation

With Fast Payout, we guarantee the receipt of payments for approved actions directly to the accounts of verified publishers in as little as four days. This is proof of our commitment to publisher trust and financial transparency.

Revolutionising the payment process

Historically, publishers had to endure lengthy waiting periods before accessing their hard-earned commissions. This super-fast payout system eliminates the need for publishers to wait, revolutionising the payment process within the industry.

Flexible payment options

Fast Payout is available solely at the publisher’s request. Publishers who prefer to use the standard payment schedule can continue to do so. Flexibility is important as it enables publishers to choose the payment method that best aligns with their financial strategies.

Gaining the competitive edge

Fast Payout provides publishers with significant advantages. The ability to access funds quickly ensures that publishers can better manage their finances, stay ahead of the competition and leverage every second to their advantage.

Start using Fast Payout today

For ConvertSocial publishers and content creators who wish to check their verified status or request Fast Payout, send us an email to:  

Stay ahead of the game and make use of Fast Payout today!


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