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Jul 15, 2023
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ConvertSocial aims to empower its users throughout their monetisation process. With this in mind, we are excited to announce a new feature: Fast Moderation. This new tool allows users to accelerate their collaborations with brands through shortening the publisher moderation process. Not only does it save users time and resources, it also ensures their links are live, functional and generating income. 

Here is everything you need to know – why, how and what is next. 

Why is moderation important?

Many brands operate on a WhiteList basis, requiring platforms and creators to undergo moderation before their advertising campaigns are approved to commence. Brands have strict rules and requirements for their partnering platforms, ensuring the quality and relevance of all advertisements made in their name. 

ConvertSocial recognises the significance of this process and offers users a streamlined, quicker way to undergo moderation.

The benefits of Fast Moderation for content creators and brands

  • Fast Moderation saves time and resources. ConvertSocial’s new feature significantly reduces the time and resources required for content creators to collaborate with brands. By streamlining the moderation process, creators can quickly submit their applications and receive prompt feedback, eliminating unnecessary delays and allowing them to focus on creating valuable content.
  • Increasing revenues. With ConvertSocial’s Fast Moderation feature, content creators can expedite the process of partnering with new brands. By gaining access to a brand’s catalogue sooner, creators can seize more revenue-generating opportunities, maximising their earning potential.
  • Enhanced transparency and trust. ConvertSocial prioritises transparency, ensuring all collaborations between creators and brands meet the highest standards. By implementing a rigorous moderation process, ConvertSocial verifies the authenticity and quality of social media accounts, instilling trust between creators, brands and their audiences. This fosters long-term partnerships based on credibility and reliability.
  • Access to premium advertisers. ConvertSocial collaborates with an extensive network of reputable, premium brands. The Fast Moderation feature enables bloggers to gain accelerated approval, giving them the opportunity to work with well-established brands known for the quality of their products or services. This access can significantly elevate a content creator’s reputation and attract a larger audience.
  • Expanding reach. By undergoing Fast Moderation, content creators can swiftly connect with brands that align with their content and target audience. This opens doors to new collaborations and extends their reach to a wider audience. Collaborating with diverse brands through ConvertSocial can help bloggers diversify their content, attract new followers and enhance their overall online presence.
  • Personalised support and guidance. ConvertSocial’s dedicated account managers are always on-hand to assist creators throughout the moderation process. They can provide additional guidance, answer queries and ensure a smooth collaborative experience. Having personalised support from industry experts empowers content creators, especially those who are new to the monetisation journey, to make informed decisions and optimise their partnerships.
  • Facilitating growth. ConvertSocial is continuously evolving its platform to provide creators with valuable new tools and features. By offering Fast Moderation, ConvertSocial demonstrates its commitment to empowering content creators and facilitating their growth. As content creators unlock new collaborations and revenue streams, they gain valuable experience, expand their skill set and further develop their personal brand.

How Fast Moderation works

  • To begin the process, navigate to the Brand or Get Link section on the ConvertSocial platform. Alternatively, users can use the ConvertSocial Extension for easy access
  • Apply for Fast Moderation. Select the desired brand and click on the “Apply for moderation” option
  • Fill out the required fields in the submission form, including:
    • URL – provide a link to your social media account
    • Reach – specify the monthly reach of your social media account
    • How do you plan to promote? Share information about your promotion strategy, highlighting any relevant details

Remember, the more comprehensive and detailed the information you provide about your social media account, the higher the probability of a successful moderation review

  • Once you have filled out the form, click “Send for moderation
  • Congratulations! You have successfully applied for moderation. Please ensure you regularly check your email as our managers may have additional questions or further information requirements

After ConvertSocial’s initial review, if your social media account passes moderation, we will forward your application on to the brand. If approved, you will gain access to the brand’s catalogue and be able to start collaborating together.

Get started with ConvertSocial and Fast Moderation

ConvertSocial’s Fast Moderation brings numerous benefits and advantages to content creators – saving them time, increasing revenue opportunities, fostering transparency, providing access to premium brands, expanding reach and offering personalised support.

By following the simple steps outlined above, users can increase their chances of successful moderation and gain access to a wider range of brand opportunities

Get started with ConvertSocial and Fast Moderation today and elevate your social media monetisation journey. In the event that your chosen brand does not appear in the catalogue after 30 days, please reach out to our managers at


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