It doesn’t matter whether you plan to create affiliate links to generate the main income stream, or a passive income stream, it is important to know which brand will actually benefit your audience and what you can expect from them.

With a huge variety of affiliate programs out there, finding a brand can be a challenging task. To help you, we have put together tips on which things to look for when choosing a brand to promote. You’ll also find advice on how to maximize your efforts while choosing one and which advertisers aren’t worth your attention. Let’s dive right in!

Think As Your Followers Do

Before you start searching for brands relevant to your content, figure out what you like and what your audience might be interested in. Create a list of products and services that meet these criteria. Include all options you can think of, even those you aren’t sure about. The next step is to review each option to come up with a clear picture of your audience’s interests.

Make the Most Of the Offer

While picking only relevant products and services for your posts seems obvious, you can go even further. When creating a post on a specific topic, you’ll most certainly find various offers that your audience might be interested in. To maximize your earnings and provide as many relevant offers as possible, consider creating links to different offers from your posts. For example, if you write about cars, your followers might also enjoy automotive diagnostic equipment aside from car care products.

Add Another Brand

If you have been successful in attracting followers and making money on recommendations, then why not scale your account to a size that could support you full-time? Consider adding similar products or services from a different brand. When users have a choice between similar products, it increases conversions as well as your potential earnings. By promoting similar products from different brands, thereby you gain experience and later you can see which of them showed best results.

Promote Products Your Followers Like

Based on the previous point, brands you promote should be relevant to your niche and should be enjoyed by followers. To find such a brand you first need to identify your target audience. Naturally, one can’t start a YouTube or Telegram channel without realizing the specific group of people they want to reach with their social channels. However, it makes sense to check it over and over again even with a large following.

There are several ways to identify your target audience, and pretty much all of them involve understanding your ideal follower persona profile. You need to learn how to read and understand the insights and eventually focus on conversions from followers. If you already have an established audience, use that audience data to determine who is most likely to click through.

Once the profile is complete, you can create a survey to understand better the background and needs of your audience. In addition, learn about who your competitors are and what brands they are promoting. Don’t hesitate to spy on your competitors’ digital marketing strategies. Since you don’t have to blindly copy them, analyze them first and then repurpose them taking into account your writing style and audience. If you find a brand that brings value to people’s lives, it might become your potential revenue source.

Commission Rate

Once you come up with the products or services you want to promote, it’s time to think about how much money you can make with them. Therefore, one of the key points when choosing a brand is the commission rate.

While many aspiring bloggers and content creators choose brands based on commission rate alone, there are other criteria to consider. Higher commission rates characterize products and services that see less demand. Conversely, products that are in demand and purchased frequently have lower commission rates.

Sales volume affects Average Order Value (AOV); therefore, a high AOV with a lower commission will yield more than a low AOV with a high commission rate. For example, you sell the same two product types at the same price. You will earn more when selling 20 units of item A with 1% commission rather than selling just one item B with 10% commission.

Promote Expensive Products

Depending on the topic and the audience size, you can consider promoting products/services that are a bit more expensive than the rest of your offers.

Let’s say you have a goal to make $5.000 this month by referring people to a particular brand. You can achieve this goal by selling 500 items for $10, 50 items for $100, or 5 items for $1.000. If you have tried the product before and you know exactly how recommending it can help your followers, try to emphasize its premium features.

Many bloggers and influencers recommend cheap and expensive solutions simultaneously in order to cater to the needs of the particular audience. If you offer similar products at different prices, this might open up more opportunities for increasing your potential revenue.

There are also brands that pay for returning visitors. While this is not the most important criterion when choosing an advertiser, it is an added bonus and an extra penny in your pocket.


By promoting brands that offer upselling, you can get additional revenue and increase the average commission rate. Your goal here is to increase the total sale and to introduce your followers’ options that might better suit their needs.

For example, a user wants to buy a new laptop, and when placing an order, you can additionally offer to purchase a case and a wireless mouse. If the user buys the entire bundle, you get a higher commission for additional sales.

Upselling helps build a relationship with your followers by letting them know what else they can get. Upselling is not necessarily an immediate process. While you should offer the upsell at the time of purchase, you can also use marketing techniques to keep your followers up to date on existing options.

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Quality is Everything

The quality of products and services is an essential component of your success. If the return rate is high, this is usually a sign of poor quality. Solving subscriber problems by promoting quality products is an excellent strategy in the long term. Over time, your good reputation will contribute to further sales.

Customer Support

Promoting a brand that provides prompt customer service is always an advantage. Problems happen sometimes and when choosing a brand you need to think like a customer to offer the best value for money for your followers. Depending on the brand format, customer support ranges from personal account manager service to live chat or email consulting services.

Keep in mind that purchasing through your links is not necessarily an immediate process. Check the lifetime of your cookies. The longer your cookie duration is, the more chances you will have of generating profit from the particular referral.

Consider Brand Reputation

Tried and tested brands with a perfect reputation, and high commission rates attract influencers looking to cash in on referrals. But if you’re searching for a brand to promote you should not sweep aside the new ones. And here’s why.

Oftentimes, new advertisers offer the most attractive affiliate programs, quality products, and high commissions rates.

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When you choose a brand to promote, take into account not just how much they pay but also how useful the brand is for your followers. Promote what you like and tried yourself, think like a customer if you want to get great results.