How to use CPA to profit off of your TikTok audience

Apr 25, 2022
1 min

For around 2 years, I have been growing my Instagram (4,000 followers), TikTok (47,500 followers), and Telegram (6,000 followers) accounts. I invested some $400 to buy targeted ads for my Instagram account, but realized it would be difficult and costly to acquire followers using this method. So, I decided to start a TikTok account to redirect target users from there to my other social media profiles.

I had always loved ordering and advertising AliExpress goods. Around 18 months ago, I started working on the CPA model. Today, my CPA income amounts to $150-200 a month, accounting for 25% of my total earnings. The largest share of my profit comes from sales (e.g., 11/11 or Singles’ Day sale on AliExpress) and promoting affordable women’s apparel. In the future, I plan to ramp up my cooperation with other advertisers, improving the general quality of my content.


When I started out in CPA marketing, I redirected organic traffic from TikTok to Instagram and Telegram. Posting referral links on Instagram is inconvenient, so I deployed almost all of them on Telegram. Generally, I find a product I like, purchase it, film the unboxing, take some try-on photos and videos, compose the text, and post with a referral link.

I see the key advantage of the CPA model in the opportunity to start earning even with a small audience.

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