Introducing notifications for non-affiliated clicks to decrease lost opportunities

Feb 8, 2024
3 min

Recently we introduced a new Non-affiliated reporting section in the Publisher’s account. Now, we announce handy notifications showing your details on non-affiliated clicks. This new feature is designed to help you quickly identify and act on potential affiliate marketing opportunities directly from your email and in-dashboard alerts. Here’s how this update can impact how you run campaigns.

With this change, you will receive instant notifications when your content generates over 1,000 non-affiliated clicks on a single brand. These alerts are your signal to explore potential affiliate partnerships or fix technical errors. Non-affiliated clicks are not rewarded by ConvertSocial. 

Gain clarity on why certain clicks aren’t marked as affiliate. Whether it’s due to system errors or oversight, this feature helps you take corrective action, potentially unlocking additional compensation.

Possible reasons for non-affiliation:

  1. Inactive account. Your social media account has been blocked.
  2. Inactive brand. The brand has stopped working with ConvertSocial.
  3. Invalid country. The brand doesn’t accept traffic from the country where clicks have been made.
  4. Blacklist/whitelist. Your social media account is either not on the brand’s whitelist or is on its blacklist.
  5. Instagram. Instagram traffic is not allowed for this brand.
  6. Other error. Contact support to find out the reason for the non-affiliated click. In the request, provide the brand name and click date.

You can filter this data by time, account type, or reason for non-affiliation. In the reports, you can also see click time which is the time the user clicked on your link and the problem occurred.  

How to benefit from this update:

Keep an eye on your dashboard and email for notifications to not miss out on any high-engagement opportunities.

Use the insights from the report to guide your affiliate strategy, from pursuing new partnerships to optimizing your content.

Review non-affiliation reasons: Understand and address the causes of non-affiliations to improve link performance and compliance.

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the tools and insights you need to succeed in the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing. We believe that by offering more precise, actionable data, we can help you unlock new growth opportunities and maximize your earnings.

Stay tuned for further updates and enhancements to our platform, as we continue to innovate and support your affiliate marketing journey.


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