Exploring new Premium Account Level at ConvertSocial: a comprehensive overview

Jan 25, 2024
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As the digital landscape evolves, so do the opportunities for savvy influencers and bloggers. ConvertSocial recently announced a significant enhancement to its platform: the introduction of influencer statuses – Basic, Advanced, and Premium. This article is a deep dive into the possibilities that the Premium Account Level brings to the table and guides on how to become a Premium user.

Benefits of the Premium ConvertSocial account

Upon registering with ConvertSocial, every creator is assigned an account level. This status is pivotal as it determines the range of benefits they can access. The Premium Account Level represents the highest distinction, offering the most extensive range of perks.

Exclusive benefits of the Premium Account:

  • Verified status: Brands same as content creators look for credibility and reliability as a partner. Premium status encourages them to collaborate with influencers verified by experts.
  • Access to Premium Brands: Premium account level unlocks the ability to work with Premium brands, typically offering higher value for the same conversions. Cooperate with Booking, Answear, Hotels.com, New Balance, KIWI and many more.
  • Early access to advanced features: Premium users gain early access to new technical features, allowing them to adapt and benefit from these changes instantly.
  • Dedicated account managers: The assistance of a dedicated team provides creators with guidance for growing their accounts and assures they have all the information needed.
  • Fast Payout feature: This option allows for immediate withdrawals, facilitating smoother cash flow for influencers.
  • Priority Support: Premium influencers enjoy priority assistance for any technical or financial queries, securing a smooth operational experience.
  • Additional features: Advanced and Premium members enjoy full referral link access, Postback, and API features. All the details on these features you can find in your ConvertSocial account.

Upgrading your account to premium: a step-by-step guide

At ConvertSocial, each creator’s journey begins with the Basic account level. It’s a default post-registration starting point. Just like in any game, it gives creators access to information, features, or programs they’re restricted to. Advanced status can be obtained after completing the first mission: first successful referral link clicks and a quality check. Advancing to Premium involves specific criteria.

How to get to the top?

To move up to the Premium level, a creator needs to:

  1. Have over 10,000 followers on social media accounts or equivalent website traffic.
  2. Apply through the Brand section by selecting a Premium brand and clicking the Request button.
  3. Fill out and send the request form.
  4. Sit and wait. The application undergoes a review, taking up to 14 business days. An alternative route of auto-validation by the traffic quality team.

Quality of account and a positive collaborative history are crucial considerations for upgrading. Upgrading unlocks new horizons, to stay on the top make sure to comply with the Terms of Use as we allow needed downgrades.

Understanding and upgrading your account level on ConvertSocial can be a game changer for your influencer career. It’s not just about the content you create but also about strategically navigating these platforms to maximize your reach and earnings. Embrace this knowledge, upgrade your level, and watch your influence soar! 🚀

For further inquiries about these new statuses, please contact premium@convertsocial.net. Join ConvertSocial to embark on a journey of enhanced growth and affiliate marketing success.


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