The Best Video Marketing Tools You Should Know

May 25, 2022
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Video marketing has taken the world by storm – and if you or your business hasn’t yet tried it, now is an excellent time to start!
As with any project, having the right tools is imperative to its success. The exact same applies to video marketing. However, with a large number of video marketing tools available on the market today, how does one choose the right one?

First things first

Video is an effective marketing tool. As such, it makes sense to carefully plan and design your concept. Once this is ready, you’ll need the tools to realize the concept and make it available to all your viewers. Not only do you need a quality camera, but also a means to upload, record digitally, make good use of available stock videos, and have editing capabilities to create your ideal video.
There are a number of video marketing platforms for you to choose from to ensure great videos. Here at Admitad ConvertSocial, we have browsed through a number of excellent choices.
Let’s take a look at the best video marketing tools you should know to ensure project success:


An easy to use tool for any video marketing campaign, and has a substantial range of attractive features. It offers a huge range of images, clips, different choices of music, and more that gives you the opportunity to create top-quality video clips and longer-form videos.


This company claims to be the world’s simplest video maker. It is easy and fast to create any type of video.


This tool helps you create the best from your raw footage. It has an AI-based editing assistant to assist you with all aspects of your video. This includes uploading the footage, carefully editing it, and even distribution. The tool also has built-in video analytics, helping you use the information to improve your videos.


Offering excellent video features along with a user-friendly interface, this tool meets a huge range of requirements for both users and social channels. It boasts of a number of excellent features such as sophisticated motion graphics, easy access to the Getty stock image library, and the means to incorporate branding elements.
Interested in more excellent-quality online marketing tools?


This tool couples both animation and video clips to create excellent quality video clips – all of which are perfect for a number of different social media channels.

It offers top-quality templates to those who aim to create engaging and superior video content. Additionally, it has an online editing service available.


This tool is all about assisting brands to create marketing videos. Interestingly, they are a marketing partner with channels such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

An online video maker, it offers standard editing effects, along with clip art, music, and stock photos. This tool has a purpose-built design which in turn offers ‘swipe up to shop’ features and embedded links, something that not all tools offer.

This is a great YouTube video marketing tool.


The main purpose of this app is to provide easy to create quality content to share over all social media channels. The app is ideal for those who are new to the game, or just want to create short video clips.

Wave Video

This video marketing tool allows you to start from the very beginning, and offers a variety of different templates. It can also be used for reusing the same footage for different video formats.
Wave Video is ideal for high volume video content production, and is regarded as head and shoulders above its competitors.
One great feature of this tool is that it supports integrations with other social media channels like Google drive, HubSpot, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more.


The perfect solution for reaching education, business, and individual customer needs. It has a number of formats to create a unique look for any social media video.

An ideal online editor for the absolute beginner, it offers fantastic, easy-to-use templates, animated text, and a green screen for fabulous videos.

Further Editing

Once you have the content, you’ll want to edit it. These are a top choice in video editing tools. Most of the above-mentioned video marketing tools have editing tools included. However, sometimes just a little extra is needed to perfect your video.
Filmora and iMovie are excellent choices for that little extra. Filmora needs to be installed on your PC, and is an old-school type editing tool. iMovie is only available for those with an Apple device.
What about video animation for educational videos?
Animated videos are often used by known brands to attract potential customers as part of their marketing strategy. Have a look at some of the best animation software available today:


It only makes one type of video – whiteboard animation. Think about the videos you’ve seen with hands busy drawing things with a voice-over explaining what is happening on the screen. This is a whiteboard animation. Highly effective for how-to videos and training purposes, it is also an excellent choice for those in the education field.


Another great editing tool for educational purposes, it is easy to use to create excellent quality training-type videos.


An animation-only video creation tool, it is also ideal for educational-type videos. Extremely easy to use, the video, once made, can be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in websites.

Need a host to share your videos? Take a look.

For you to share your video with the audience you choose, you will need a host. Choosing the right hosting service means that your video can be watched effortlessly and smoothly. At the same time, it is sensible to have the means to ensure that your videos are showing as they should. 

The following are excellent tools to ensure this:


Cincopa is a video hosting solution, and offers unique features such as Cincopa Channels and their multi-layer security. Moreover, they also offer video analytics which ensures that your videos not only work beautifully, but show viewing stats.


Vidyard provides both a hosting and analytics service. Primarily geared towards business and educational purposes, it also offers a number of integrations.


Vimeo is the longest-standing basic hosting provider. They offer more than just hosting though, and included in their repertoire of services is streaming. Likewise, Vimeo-hosted videos can be embedded in almost any website except YouTube. As one of the oldest social video platforms, they remain one of the most authoritative and dependable tools available.


Wistia is a little different from the rest. Their online tool includes a number of production features. They state that their “platform turns your videos and podcasts into marketing machines”. Their innovative software can help you create the perfect viewing experience for your audience, and provide the tools to host, analyze the performance of the videos, integrate them, and help your business brand grow.

YouTube as a search engine?

Ever considered that YouTube can be an effective search engine? We are aware of the importance of SEO to improve our ranking when it comes to searches on the ‘net. YouTube has risen in popularity as a search engine.
Interestingly, as with all search engines, YouTube has an elaborate algorithm. This establishes how your videos will show in YouTube’s rankings. By optimizing your video for YouTube, it can play a role in increasing metrics such as the number of followers, brand awareness, and visits to your website. And, when you optimize your video for YouTube, you’ll also be doing so for other search engines. Remember that your audience can find your video through other search engines as well as YouTube.
It makes perfect sense to ensure that you have good SEO practice in place. These YouTube SEO video marketing tools can help:


As a video optimization and management tool, this browser extension is the perfect choice for effective and productive management of your YouTube channel. It offers many features, but its best is its SEO abilities. Use TubeBuddy to optimize your video title and description. Additionally, it is great for embedding, processing, promotion along with analytics. Another great feature is that it can assist you with inserting subtitles in another language – think of how many more people you can reach!


The aim of this tool is to help you find the right topic names and keywords for your video. Included is a strong YouTube SEO feature for assistance with the right choice of SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.
Being able to share your screen is another excellent option available, especially if you’re working from home.
These screenshare creation tools are worth looking into:


Camtasia is a simple to use screen recording software to use when you want to record your screens and create the video you need. When it is done, simply upload it to your video-sharing platform. It is as easy as that.


Loom is another excellent choice for those who wish to record a screen share without having their face in the recording. Quick and efficient, it is faster than sending an email or even a live chat with someone.
Sometimes face to face (albeit digitally) is best.
There are occasions when the best way to connect with someone is through live video. There are social platforms that allow streaming, for example, Facebook Live. However, sometimes it is necessary to connect with a group of participants over a number of different social networks at the same time.
These platforms provide the opportunity to make and send out video clips live over a number of channels at the same time.


A web-based live streaming studio, it is easy to use and can broadcast live to social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, or YouTube.


Great for those who plan on streaming to multiple platforms at the same time, it allows your livestream to be published over LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Additionally, more than one person can be invited to join into your livestream.
No longer are videos merely a medium to show off your content. They are now an excellent way to educate and influence your audience – and simply, to connect.
These days, videos play a significant role and have dominated different social media platforms to engage visitors to the website as well as drive more traffic, and ultimately sales, to the site.
HubSpot recently conducted a study that indicates that four of the top six channels are social channels where videos are viewed. This is a clear indication that videos have had a massive impact on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube with millions of people viewing the videos on offer.
Videos are easier to view than to read text content. They are enlightening, educational, entertaining, and sometimes poignant too. To ensure the success of your campaign or project, it is vital to make use of the best of what is available to help you to produce your best.
Top 5 video marketing tools for your success:


In conclusion, using the above-mentioned video marketing tools are designed to help you make a success of your campaign.
A successful campaign is one of the answers to the question ‘why use video as a marketing tool’.
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