Building a brand’s identity is crucial in any business marketing plan. Customer recognition of the brand is only the first step. Customers also need to have a positive mental image of that brand. A great way to build that positive mental image is by using brand ambassadorship.

If you want to become a brand ambassador, this complete guide is all you’ll ever need!

What is Brand Ambassadorship?

Brand ambassadorship is using a person as a public “face” to promote positive recognition of a brand, either its products or services. A good brand ambassadorship program should have a wide reach and also promote goodwill towards the brand as a whole.

An easy way to think about this concept is with the most popular celebrity brand ambassadorships. Here are a few examples:

What do these all have in common? All of these celebrities are well-liked and well-known by the general public. Their public identities have something in common with the brand they are promoting. Each brand ambassador provides an idea for customers of what the product should provide.

This is a very broad concept of what a brand ambassador can be. However, there is much more that they can do.

Brands occasionally hire ambassadors for one-time events, like conventions or product launches. Ambassadors will hand out free samples and provide face-to-face interactions with potential customers. An in-person brand ambassador can make a product feel more real than just having a product out for display.

In today’s world, the most popular brand ambassadors are often through social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

These social media influencers can use their platform to introduce their audience to a new product or brand, through posts, videos, invites, or other content.

Brand ambassadors are powerful ways to showcase the regular use of a product. They can show the general public the ideal image of what the brand should be, like an athlete using the latest at-home gym equipment or a gamer in the newest gaming chair.

Above all, a brand ambassador represents trust. The customers trust the brand ambassador to give honest, yet positive, input on a brand. On the flip side, the brand must trust its ambassador to reflect the values, vision, and goals of the company. Without that trust, brands can lose everything.

How Do I Become a Brand Ambassador

There are many ways to get a brand ambassadorship. Let’s say you want to get a brand deal through your social media platform.

For starters, you have to build your own social media presence. You should have thousands of followers, develop a niche, and regularly post and interact with your followers. If you need help with building your social media following, we have a helpful guide for you. How to Become a Famous Social Media Influencer: 8 Tips to Help You Get Started Today.

Moreover, to be a brand ambassador through social media, you need to have some understanding of marketing. You need to understand what kind of following you have and what benefits you can bring to a potential brand.

In addition, you need to understand a company’s vision and goals. Your actions (not just on social media) should be in line with that company. As a brand ambassador, your job is to provide a positive face for the brand. If you have a brand ambassadorship with a fitness clothing company, for example, it might not be a good idea to post a video of you eating fast food wearing that clothing.

Brand Ambassador Jobs

Being a brand ambassador doesn’t have to be through social media. Some companies hire brand ambassadors for events, like conventions or product launches. When they need brand ambassadors, they’ll post job openings on websites like Zip Recruiter or Indeed. These jobs can pay hourly, anywhere from $12 to $15 per hour.

Remember, being a brand ambassador is about being positive and enthusiastic about the brand. You want people to get excited about whatever product or service it is you’re promoting. Remember to smile! Be friendly and outgoing! Enthusiasm is the key.

If you become a brand ambassador for in-person events, you might be able to expect other benefits, as well. Some perks might include take-home merchandise (“swag”), gift cards, discounts, or invitations to other events.

Being a Good Brand Ambassador

Never forget that, as a brand ambassador, you are the face of the brand. This means that from time to time you may have to deal with the occasional unhappy customer. They see you as someone they can vent to or take their frustrations out on.

When you receive a customer complaint, remember to be professional. Accept the complaint, tell the customer you understand them, and offer to help in any way that you can. If you find, there is nothing you can do, refer them to the brand’s customer service department. If you can, try and get them in touch directly; don’t just use a “1-800” number.

Be knowledgeable about the brand, as well. Know all that you can about the product or service so that it’s easy to talk about. People are going to have questions, and as an ambassador, you need to be able to answer those questions in a positive way.

The most important factor of brand ambassadorship is trust. You should always be working to build that trust. Be happy and enthusiastic, but genuine and honest. Promote the brand the best you can, while keeping in mind the company’s vision and values. Always be professional and provide a positive representation of the brand.

How Brands Select Brand Ambassadorship

If you have a good idea of what brands are looking for in an ambassador, it makes it easier for you to become one.

Brands are sometimes trying to increase their online presence, and if you, as a blogger, is facing the same challenge, this post is here to help. Other times they are trying to find a new demographic. Occasionally brands are launching a new product that they will need an ambassador for.

Remember that brands are looking for someone who mirrors their values as a company. A good brand ambassador should be bringing a positive social image to the brand. On your social media feed, you should always have a good image that fits well with the brand.

Never forget that the goal is to build trust in the brand. The ambassador must be reliable. You should be someone who can and should be using the brand’s product or service.

A cosmetic brand, for example, should have someone who regularly wears and knows how to talk about make-up. The customer needs to believe that the ambassador uses the product or service on a regular basis. So, if you don’t use make-up, you shouldn’t be posting about beauty products.

Knowing the Wrong Brand Ambassadorship

The goal of a good ambassador is to promote positive awareness of the brand. An ambassador should never bring negative attention.

Remember that scandals for one person could have a severe impact on the brand as a whole. Take, for example, Tiger Woods. In 2009, when the golf superstar was involved in an alleged affair, he lost brand deals with companies like AT&T, Gatorade, and General Motors. This reportedly cost him $22 million. From the point of view of the companies, it makes sense. It’s better to cut those losses rather than support a scandal.

Customers should be happy with the ambassador, and by extension, the brand itself. It’s all about making a positive impact, making the brand feel “real” and tangible through a real, live human being.

If you are not continuously promoting the brand, for whatever reason, you may need to find a way to professionally back out. Never burn your bridges.

What is Brand Ambassadorship

Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Day-to-day employees provide an untapped potential for brand ambassadorship. Who better to represent the brand than people that work for it? Surely, they understand the company’s vision and values better than a social media influencer would.

Employees can sometimes receive free “swag” to take home, like t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and magnets. These small gifts not only provide goodwill for employees, but also offer talking points to anyone that might see them out and about.

Employees should use social media professionally. They can talk about new and upcoming product launches online to friends and family. They should also post events and invites to gatherings.

In a recent survey, 76% of individuals say they are more likely to trust content shared by regular people than by social media influencers or celebrities. To friends and families, employees are a powerful source of brand ambassadorship.

Paid Brand Ambassadorship


According to Indeed, the average salary for a brand ambassador in the United States is $43,442 per year. Keep in mind, this is highly dependant upon the individual’s experience and performance. Some brands might even consider unpaid ambassadorship to prove efficacy before agreeing to a salary.

As mentioned previously, some companies consider hiring short-term brand ambassadors for events. This could be paid hourly or in a “per diem” lump sum.


A brand ambassador may also be paid a commission or a percentage of sales directly linked to that ambassador. This could be accomplished through a link on a social media post going directly to a sales page.

Commission-based pay requires hard work from both the ambassador and the brand. The ambassador must work hard to promote the product or service to generate sales, through daily posts and enthusiastic promotion. The brand has to provide sales data and tracking to ensure the ambassador is properly compensated.

Brands also should consider offering discount codes for the brand ambassador to promote. These codes are effective in incentivizing customers to purchase products and offer an easy way to track which sales are directly generated from the brand ambassador.

Products as Payment

This isn’t just “free stuff.” Offering products as payment is a way to encourage brand ambassadors to promote new products as they launch. If products are offered as payment, it should be with the understanding that those products are also used as promotional material.

Unboxing videos are a popular way to have brand ambassadors showcase new products. They get excited to receive new things, and viewers get excited watching them get excited. Thinking about starting your own unboxing channel? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a YouTube Content Creator.

Other Benefits

Brand ambassadors receive compensation through other methods, as well. Some get special discount rates, similar to an employee or friends-and-family discount. Gift cards are also acceptable as compensation. Brand ambassadors may also get invited to exclusive events, where they can also act as an ambassador while enjoying the event.

Keep in mind: brand ambassadors can receive any combination of these benefits; it’s not just one or all. Perhaps commission-based payment alongside products as payment may be sufficient. If that proves to be beneficial enough, the brand ambassador may then receive a regular salary.

In a recent survey, 76% of individuals say they are more likely to trust content shared by regular people than by social media influencers or celebrities. To friends and families, employees are a powerful source of brand ambassadorship.

Conclusion: A Symbiotic Relationship

Merriam-Webster defines symbiosis as “a cooperative relationship (as between two persons or groups).” A brand ambassadorship deal should be mutually beneficial for the brand and the ambassador.

The ambassador should:

  • Be open, honest, and enthusiastic about the product or service;
  • Match, represent, and promote the values and vision of the company;
  • Constantly engage with their audience to bring positive awareness to the brand.

The brand should:

  • Communicate the goals, challenges, and vision of the brand with the ambassador;
  • Compensate the ambassador, with a salary, product-as-payment, commission, or some combination;
  • Keep track of the results that the ambassador provides, whether positive or negative.

Both should never forget the key ingredient: trust.

A brand ambassador is a stand-in for the brand, an authentic representation of the brand’s values and vision. Brand ambassadors represent all the great things about a product or service and should always strive to leave a positive impression.

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