Trying out the CPA model

Apr 28, 2022
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Trying out the CPA model

I use several monetization methods on my blog: Income from advertising, integrations with advertisers, and CPA. Having extensive experience in managing social media profiles, I can skillfully combine all monetization techniques. Monetizing my social media account consistently makes up half of my income, bringing in steady earnings. In particular, I combine various brand integrations with posting referral links. 

In late 2021, ConvertSocial specialists reached out and invited me to try Admitad’s new platform for bloggers. What was important to me was the presence of certain stores. And I could find the offers I needed right away. Other critical factors are feedback, prompt responses to my questions, and assistance if I need help. Managers also helped me out within hours in the chat. By the way, it’s easy to create links with ConvertSocial, even on a smartphone. You don’t have to find the store you need every time. Just paste the link, and it’ll be identified automatically. This improves your experience with the platform and saves a load of time!


The first offer I chose was AliExpress. I just received a new blue sweater I had ordered, and that was my item to review. I composed a short article, deployed the link, and voila! That post brought me my first €10. After AliExpress, I did a few more posts with links to other stores and made €67. With me posting most actively in December and January, my three-month earnings almost reached €100.

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