How a makeup artist can turn into a beauty blogger and make money off of content

Apr 28, 2022
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Beauty blog

I’m a makeup artist, and this is why I decided to run a beauty blog. I love sharing my knowledge with other people.

I started developing my first social media profile 15-17 years ago when I created a makeup-related community and posted my works there. Some of my clients asked me to start a YouTube channel for makeup tutorials and reviews. Later, in 2015, I decided to create a YouTube channel just for entertainment purposes, not with any intention of making money. That all resulted in many active followers coming to my Instagram account, mainly from YouTube. Today, I’m keeping an Instagram account and growing my YouTube blog.

My first Instagram account existed independently of other social media profiles. It kept growing, fueled by organic traffic, and maintained good activity. That’s why I soon sold it. As for the YouTube channel, it’s become harder to acquire new followers because the market in my vertical is overcrowded. But I decided that even if I don’t have a million followers, I’ll keep developing for current subscribers.

Before, I used to grow my Instagram account by buying giveaways from various bloggers. But after spending $250, I realized they weren’t beneficial. I haven’t bought any ads on YouTube so far and want to find a good blogger for cooperation. However, the ones I like don’t offer paid promotions. Last year, I tried to promote videos on Instagram, but saw no substantial results.

Why I decided to try CPA

YouTube is the platform I like the most and the only one I continue to develop today. This is why I decided to adopt the CPA model there. Most often, I cooperate with multibrand cosmetics stores: It’s convenient to have all items I’d love to tell my followers about in one place. I would find noteworthy products, create engaging content and links, and deploy them in the video description.

The main thing I realized is that the CPA can be very profitable in the long term. Don’t expect enormous results soon: You need to realize how it works and how the audience responds to your offers. Having sorted everything out, you can think of money.

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