One of the highest-paid influencers is a beauty influencer. They paved the route to success by sharing their skincare, cosmetics, and hair techniques, as well as discussing any beauty-related topic. Isn’t this the ideal job for you? You make money by sharing your lifestyle. Individuals and organizations like what you do and how you do it, so they want to collaborate with you. Getting there isn’t as simple as it appears, but ConvertSocial will give you helpful tips to become a successful beauty influencer. This article will also help you to find your niche, set up your social media accounts, create outstanding content, and analyze your competitors.

It takes more than getting free items and expensive trips to be an influencer. It’s just like any other job. There’s also the highly competitive market, which keeps you on your toes every day. Beauty influencers emerged without much difficulty ten years ago, when “influencer” was still a strange phrase. The scenario has now shifted.

In this post, we will give you tips to become an outstanding makeup & beauty influencer. Are you ready? Let’s start!

How to become a makeup and beauty influencer on Instagram or YouTube

These tips apply to most of the other social media

Find your Niche

To be a successful beauty influencer on Instagram and YouTube, you must first identify your niche. Niche is a specialty that you enjoy and excel at. For example, if you have a distinct technique for doing complex makeup, you can make it your “thing” and build a business around it. Some influencers choose a color that represents them and use it everywhere; others, like James Charles, have instantly recognizable welcome, such as “Hey sisters!”

ConvertSocial encourages you to use the five stages below to determine your niche

Identify your interests

Business isn’t simple, and it will put you to the test at some point. You might not be able to find the motivation to keep on if you don’t care about the subject. You’re going to consider what you’re enthusiastic about. What is something that you never get tired of? What do you consider yourself an expert at simply because you enjoy it so much? You must think about these questions deeply.

Find a paper and a pen. Write down everything that you can think of. Even if it seems foolish; Even if you’ve already discounted it as a hobby, you’ll never be able to make money from. Get everything down on paper.

Here are some questions for you to figure out your hobbies and passions are:

  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  • Magazines you read on a regular basis?
  • Your favorite subjects at school?
  • What do people compliment you about?
  • What are you naturally good at?
  • Things or qualities others like about you?
  • Your strengths/weaknesses?
  • Organizations or clubs do you belong to?

Here are a few beauty themes that may spark your interest:

  • Haircare/ Hair Styles
  • Make-up/ Skin Care/Natural Beauty
  • Nail Care/Nail Styling

Find Your Audience’s Biggest Pain Points

If you’ve already identified your preferred niche concept or not, now you should examine your potential niches to see if they’re viable.

The first step is to discover problems in your possible niche. You should determine whether you can fix them for your target audience or not. You must find out what challenges your audience is having. To do this, you must first identify their pain areas.

You can check how other influencers are doing this on social media. You should analyze what their techniques are. You will find that many of the influencers have similar approaches. They combine passion and practice and provide solutions to their followers. You must do the same if you want to stand out.

Analyze your Competitors

Hopefully, you’ve whittled down your list of prospective niches. It’s time to do some very covert competitor analysis.

To begin, while you may dream about discovering a gleaming new niche, this is quite unlikely. If you come into a niche with no competition, it’s likely that others have tried it, but found it unprofitable.

You should begin by conducting a fast Google search. You must generate a list of all the competing influencers you come across. Analyze their social media, audience, techniques. To get you started, here are some questions to consider:

  • What kind of content do they have?
  • Is the content of their social media of good or bad quality?
  • Who do they want to reach out to?
  • How often do they publish new content?
  • What methods do they use to interact with their audience?

Know your audience

Have you considered your audience in terms other than the numbers? Do you have any idea who follows you? What are they like? What are their passions? When it comes to making decisions, what are their motivations? Do you know which brands they like and believe in? Your major goal will be to learn about their favorite brands and competitors.

Knowing your audience is the main key to success. You are an influencer because of your audience, so you must dedicate a lot of time to getting to know them. If you haven’t thought about all these questions, you’re ignoring a lot of information that:

  • will help you have more influence over your audience.
  • will provide you with the firepower, in the form of objective facts, to convince brands that you are the ideal choice for marketing campaigns.

Discover which of your posts are the most popular. Find out how your audience reacts to humor, serious texts, and various forms of content. People will begin to ignore you if you ignore them.

  • Also, use relevant hashtags. #Beautybloggers, #instamakeup, #BeautyInfluencer, #MakeupArtist, #IGMakeUp and #IGskincare are all excellent specific hashtags to use in your posts.
  • Collaborate with other beauty Instagrammers by hosting a combined giveaway, taking over their account to offer your beauty knowledge, going ‘live’ together, and so on.
  • Comment on and interact with other beautiful Instagrammers’ posts. You should also leave comments on brand accounts. This is a fantastic way for others to find your account.

Content Creation

  • Investigate the niche thoroughly. You’ll come across a variety of additional content on the same niche. Look at what others have done. Take inspiration from there.
  • Be original! One of the finest ways to be unique is to embrace who you are rather than striving to be someone else. Find out what makes you special and celebrate it. Experiment with thinking outside the box and acting creatively. Overall, being unique is being yourself and expressing what you appreciate. This is what people value on social media.
  • Provide Value! You must understand what your followers’ needs are and then try your best to provide value to them.
  • Be innovative! Always think of new ideas and do not be afraid to share them with your audience. Your followers will appreciate that.
  • Share stories! Your followers want to get to know you. Always share some stories about your life to make people interested in you. Share your experiences and get feedback from your followers.
  • Brainstorm Ideas! Always think of different ideas, write them down and then choose the best ones. You can brainstorm your ideas with your friends who know how social media works. Also, you can brainstorm these ideas just by yourself. You know what is best for your page better than anyone else.
  • Post accurate information! Try to never share fake information on your stories. Remember, that you have an audience that trusts you. Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. So, always make sure that you are sharing true information with your followers. Learn where to find accurate information on the internet.
  • Ask questions! Always ask questions in your posts and stories. Make your followers think. Make your followers interested by becoming interested in them. You must love sharing stories, asking questions in order to be an outstanding beauty influencer.
  • Consistency is the key! Making an impression as a beauty influencer requires consistency. Especially for newcomers who have yet to build a dedicated army of followers. To attract and keep your audience’s interest, you must create content on a regular basis. That will be difficult to accomplish without a plan. Consider your material ahead of time to avoid boring, spontaneous posts. Ignoring your account for months can lead others to believe you’ve left Instagram. For continuous posting, use scheduling tools.
  • Collaborate with other beauty influencers. Try to find other influencers and suggest them to work together. This will be advantageous for both of you! You should begin with less-known beauty influencers, who want to gain more followers than you. Host the other influencer as a guest blogger, work together on a video, be a guest on someone’s podcast, or take advantage of any other opportunities for collaboration that exist. Working together always produces better results.
  • Promote your content. You should try your best to promote your content anywhere you can. This can be on other social media, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… You should ask other influencers to promote your content as well. If you have the budget, don’t be afraid to use Instagram’s sponsored posts to promote your content. Remember to utilize hashtags to increase the visibility of your work.

That’s a wrap. How to Become a Makeup & Beauty Influencer?

Finally, but certainly not least. Don’t take yourself too seriously and focus solely on gaining likes and universal acceptance (this is impossible). Write, take photos, and shoot for fun. If you enjoy what you do, people will reach out to you, and brands will want to collaborate with you.

ConvertSocial suggests some tips about how to be more productive when trying to become a makeup and beauty influencer:

  • Imagine what you are working for. Sometimes you will be stressed, sometimes you will want to give up, but always think of your future. Think why you started and work hard. This will give you the motivation to keep going.
  • Develop yourself. Understand that being a beauty influencer teaches you a lot. You are becoming more independent, communicative. You are gaining media and technology literacy skills. These skills are essential for today’s world and will help you at any stage of your life.
  • Enjoy interacting with people. People like what you do, they comment on your posts, they are interested in you, they text you every time. What can be better than this? So, enjoy and be thankful for your audience.
  • Always find time to relax. You must be concentrated on gaining a bigger audience, but you should not stress yourself too much. Your mental health is much more important than the number of likes you have. Go on walks, listen to music, find other hobbies. You will be much more productive when you are relaxed.


  • The first option is to state in your ‘About me’ section on social media that you are open to collaboration. This way, brands will be more likely to reach out to you.
  • The second option is to approach your favorite brands and propose collaborating. At first, you should not except other to approach to you. You must be active and suggest collaborations to others. You shouldn’t expect much from this choice. Brands run campaigns with multiple micro-influencers at the same time. And it’s unlikely that they’ll have time to speak with all of them individually. You must keep on trying and you will succeed.

Why is it a good choice for a beginner? You save time and effort searching for companies, you can see current campaigns to participate in right now, you don’t have to invent a post price (the platform does it for you), and everything is automated and organized for the most convenient collaboration with businesses.

Remember what we mentioned at the beginning? A beauty influencer’s profession is just like any other. That implies you’ll need to be dedicated and persistent. It’s better not to start if you hope to be an overnight success.

You should not be discouraged by the tremendous competitiveness of makeup and beauty influencers, their high-quality content, or their large number of followers. Be genuine, share your knowledge, and keep your sights on the prize. People will have no choice but to appreciate your talent if you give your all.