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Apr 28, 2022
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Before I created my first Telegram channel, I worked in an office for many years, where I rose to the position of industrial sales manager. I always loved shopping, especially online. I used to be tied up at work and had no time to go to brick-and-mortar stores. I would go to the websites of various stores and check out deals that I would later share with my friends. They asked me to create a Telegram channel and collect all the discounts and deals in one place.

By that time, I had spent a lot of time looking for deals and understood that I needed to monetize my channel to get good value for my efforts.

How to prepare content

My channel’s feed mainly comprises news accompanied by beauty and style insights. Since I write about discounts, I can’t prepare content in advance. This is why I create posts one day before publishing. I get up at 7:30 am, take my kid to daycare, and devote the remaining time of the day to designing my content.

Why Telegram?

I love texts. Other spaces where the photo and video content prevails require way more expenses, time, and effort. One needs to take photos, record videos of themselves, and share their life moments on stories. I’m not ready for such publicity. Moreover, this format won’t be relevant to my subscribers, unlike online shopping, which I’m really good at.

How to find a niche

Before you start searching for your place, analyze the existing channels. You don’t want to enter a vertical that sees too tense competition. But if you have entered a popular market, you have to come up with a distinctive feature that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Ask yourself whether your audience needs what you are going to share with it. It’s not just about your interests but what your followers want. Think about what problem of your audience your channel can resolve.

How to acquire followers

Create a channel, publish a few pilot posts, and add everyone from your contacts (friends, colleagues, etc.). Don’t be shy. You need to be proud of your initiative. You’ll share helpful information on your own media! 

Use resources like Telemetr that will help you analyze which Telegram channels already create content for your audience. You should order promotions from such channels because people usually follow several channels of the same kind.

Check out Telegram marketplaces. I usually compose several posts, send them to various Telegram channels, and monitor which post delivers the most followers. On top of that, you can acquire new followers using targeting ads on Instagram or collaborating with other Telegram channels. The best option is to cooperate with similar channels but not the same ones.

How to monetize a Telegram channel

Referral links will come in very handy at the early stage of channel development. Orders users make following your links will help you collect some funds to reinvest in ads and grow your audience further. Don’t feel uncomfortable with the products you advertise. We see TV and other ads every day, and it’s normal. From the very beginning, make it clear to your followers that your channel is your work, and you want to get paid for it. If you don’t get your followers used to referral links appearing in your posts, your audience won’t follow them.

Tips for beginners

  • Analyze the market before you pick a niche.
  • Select a subject you’ll enjoy writing about.
  • Develop a unique style that will help your channel stand out.
  • Treat followers with respect. Don’t advertise every possible product or anything that may be harmful to your followers.
  • Don’t hesitate to post ads, deploy links, and monetize your content. It’s your job.

If you want to become a blogger, you need to start today. The number of channels and content creators will only grow, and so will the competition.

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