According to a recent review conducted by TGStat, Telegram has 500 million monthly active users. Thanks to frequent updates and more secure encryption than other messengers have, Telegram has become not only a tool for communication, but also turned into a platform for various information services. At the same time, it more and more resembles a social network, with a lot of money-making opportunities.

Telegram allows you to find all necessary information by browsing channels or through chats, use bots for sending notifications, automating processes, eliminating inefficiencies, cutting costs, and improving performance. As your channel grows with time you get perfect opportunities for monetizing it. But to make decent money on Telegram you need to know what tools are available.

In this guide, we will cover how you can make money on Telegram by adding affiliate links. Admitad ConvertSocial is a traffic monetization platform for publishers who want to make money with their social media accounts. This is also a single point of access for bloggers and influencers to affiliate programs around the world.

How to Find Your Target Audience

Before you start adding affiliate links in your channel, you need to know who is reading and viewing your content. Although Telegram gives almost no detailed information, you can find your target audience, focusing on the following criteria:

– The topic of the channel determines both the age of the audience and your potential income. For example, entertainment channels usually attract younger people who are less willing to pay. Conversely, a channel dedicated to serious topics is a hub for an older audience willing to pay for high-quality content.

– It’s important to figure out audience demographics to increase conversions and the overall number of link clicks. If you own a beauty or fashion channel, chances are the majority of your subscribers are young girls. Political channels attract more male audiences.

To accurately determine the interests and needs of your audience, you need to conduct surveys. It will let you know who your average subscriber is (interests, age, gender, etc.) and provide some food for thought about finding a brand for collaboration.

How to Get More Subscribers On Telegram

If you own a brand new channel, then start with telling your friends about it. Ask them to share it on social media, mention on a forum, ot usr word-of-mouth marketing. These free ways can get you 50-100 new subscribers.

The next step is to conduct mutual reposts with other channels. To make a mutual repost, you need to find a similar channel in your niche with a similar number of subscribers and offer link exchange.

Of course, there are paid ways to promote your Telegram channel.

Placing promo texts in other channels will help you attract new followers. The number and subscriber quality in channels depends on their popularity, while the placement price should correlate with the engagement rate and audience’s activity. To figure out these numbers, research the channel you are interested in.

How to Choose A Topic

When Pavel Durov had just rolled out Telegram back in 2013, anyone could easily find a target audience and quickly grow a follower base. Nowadays, competition has become fiercer, therefore, when choosing a topic for a channel, the following factors should be taken into account:

  1. Determine your level of expertise. Make sure you know what you’re writing about to keep your followers entertained;
  2. A topic for Telegram channel must reach the widest possible audience;
  3. Conduct your own competitor analysis. The fewer competitors there are, the easier it will be to start and promote the channel;
  4. If you’re planning on adding affiliate links to make money, check out the catalog in the Admitad Extension to get an idea of the offers offered by advertisers. From this perspective, you can choose a topic. For example, coupon codes and discount offers or best selling products on Aliexpress.

Best Types of Telegram Content To Succeed at Growing a Telegram Channel

Telegram users need high-quality content that can solve their problems and bring value to their lives. Whether it’s DIY content or funny videos, make sure these meet high standards of the messenger. The average user of Telegram is male between the ages of 25 to 34 with tertiary education, living in a large city and having an income above the average.

You can’t do well on Telegram by posting low-quality texts. To succeed in the long term, focus on producing high-quality and unique content.

When creating posts for Telegram, aim to do it as useful as possible for your readers. They must trust your expertise if you want your followers to click your links.

Before adding affiliate links make sure to have at least 10 publications on a given topic. The very first posts must reveal the essence and purpose of your channel. Some of them may cover short subtopics or serve as an introduction to covering a global topic.

Once your content strategy is outlined, it becomes much easier to include advertising materials and do not cause a negative reaction from the part of the audience that only needs informational content.

Does Telegram Pay?

Despite the fact that Telegram doesn’t have an established way of making money, it allows the use of affiliate links. By creating a popular channel with a huge audience, you can promote products and services that are relevant to your niche and in which your followers can potentially be interested. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – both the author of the channel receives income, while subscribers get quality products or services.

How To Make Money On Telegram With ConvertSocial

As a relatively new tool for making money online, Telegram provides great business opportunities. Due to its novelty the messenger attracts a wide variety of advertisers who are looking for effective marketing channels with a high conversion rate.

When it comes to profitability running a Telegram channel can compete running a YouTube channel or having an Instagram profile. However, in terms of conversion Telegram often overtakes both other platforms. Promotional posts on Telegram are viewed by more than 50% of users, which is significantly more than in social networks.

A high conversion rate is provided by promotional posts that appear in the same feed as regular posts. When a user sees a new post notification, many of them tend to click promotional posts as well.

Promotional posts often contain an affiliate link to the partner’s website where users can purchase their product. While there are a myriad of promotional offers from merchants and brands (ConvertSocial provides access to promotional offers from 30,000+ brands), it only makes sense to pick those that are relevant to your niche. For example, if you run a fashion channel, you shouldn’t advertise fishing tackle. The probability of such clicks is close to zero.

How ConvertSocial Platform Can Help You

We offer a simple and convenient tool for creating and checking referral links on a smartphone or any other device. ConvertSocial platform by Admitad will give you access to 30.000+ advertising offers from merchants and brands around the world. Just send bot a regular link to a product or service and it will instantly generate a referral link for you.

How To Use Admitad ConertSocial Platform

What are the steps to take to start making money with ConvertSocial platform?

Step 1. Sign up

Registration process won’t take a long time and you’ll only need your email and password to proceed.


Step 2. Add Your Social Media Accounts

Indicate the social network where you plan to post the content. You can do this by opening “My social networks” section. You can add either your Instagram or TikTok profile, Youtube channel, Facebook group, Telegram channel.

This step is required to start collaborating with brands and get referral links.


Step 3. Generate Your First Referral Link

You can generate referral links to the brand’s main page, as well as to a specific product that you might want to promote.

There are two ways to generate a referral link:

  • Click “Get link” in the “Brands” section to immediately generate a referral link to a brand’s main page;
  • Insert a link to the product page into the “Link to the brand’s website page” field to create a referral link to a specific product or service. This will make things easier for your followers to find the product you’re promoting.

Step 4. Add a Referral Link to Your Content

Review the brand’s product or service and then add a referral link to it in the description.

Step 5. Analyze the results

After adding the referral links, keep track of results in the “Statistics” section. Use it to track link clicks and orders.

In case there is user activity, and people click your links, then everything is fine – you pick products and services that are relevant to your audience.

If there are few clicks, then it may be worth waiting a little and giving your followers time to decide on a purchase.

And if there are no clicks at all, try promoting different products.

Keep in mind, the more often you analyze the results, the more accurately you will be able to figure out which products and services are relevant to your audience and bring you the most revenue.


Step 6. Confirmation

Once the first payment is made through your link, you will see the potential reward in the report section. The brand will then check it, and the money will be credited to your personal account.


Step 7. Withdraw money from account

Once your earnings exceed 10 euros, you can transfer funds to your card, bank account, PayPal account, or WebMoney.


How To Check Your Affiliate Link

Admitad Bot can also check ready-made links. Send the affiliate link to the bot. If it is correct, you will see a green checkmark in the reply message after the link. Otherwise, there will be a red cross after the link.

Telegram earn money

How Much Can I Make on Telegram

Generally, your total income depends on the number of followers and the topic of the channel. Since there is no established monetization program on Telegram, many channel owners opt to CPA affiliate model where a commission is paid when a user takes a specific action.

That said, according to the statistics of a channel owner offering discounts for baby items, he made nearly US$1000 per month by adding special offers with promotions on goods for children. The channel has about 4K subscribers and has been around for 3 years. On average, each purchase through an affiliate link brings in from $3 to $5 and the publisher sees more than 250 sales on advertisers’ websites. As you can see, having one or several popular channels can provide you a steady stream of income.

If you’re a novice with less than 1000 followers, we’d recommend having at least 3000 followers to get the best results with affiliate links.


Before adding affiliate links it’s good to remember the following:

– The brand you promote must correlate with the needs and interests of your target audience. For that, you need to know who is your average subscriber (interests, age, gender, etc.). It’s impossible to make money on Telegram without knowing these facts;

– When choosing a topic, prefer one that interests the solvent audience. Memes, jokes, and humor channels are dedicated to entertain users and generally not suitable for placing affiliate links;

– When creating a channel, focus on organic search to get found by the target audience. Avoid using clickbaits as those make the entire process of choosing a brand to promote more complicated;

– It’s vital to realize where your target audience is. Avoid promoting brands that are located in New York while your users live in San Francisco;

It is easy and convenient to make money on Telegram with ConvertSocial. Any content creator can find a brand to promote. We offer simple, understandable solutions, convenient tools that allow you to promote brands and products and earn income from recommending them.