If you’re looking for ways to make money on Instagram, then monetizing your content and providing affiliate product recommendations may provide a lot of opportunities for that.

Let’s presume you have more than 5K subscribers and your engaged audience loves what you do regularly returning for more of your content. It’s time to turn what you and your audience love into a viable business enterprise. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to add affiliate links in your posts, Instagram bio and Stories.

In this post we’ll show how to quickly start working with affiliate links, what they are, and how you can create them on the fly with ConvertSocial monetization platform for publishers.

How to Make Money Promoting Products On Instagram?

Making money recommending products on Instagram or otherwise adding affiliate links in your profile means you get a small commission every time users make purchases through your link.

Generally, there are 4 essential components of affiliate marketing: advertiser, affiliate platform, publisher (content creator) and a customer. In addition, there are many formats influencers and bloggers use to make money. But affiliate links offer maximum flexibility when it comes to tracking the geography that is producing the most clicks and measuring the number of sales an influencer has generated.

You can add affiliate links wherever Instagram allows them. Stories, IGTV descriptions, and your own bio are the most obvious sections to place them.

While there are a lot of advantages of adding affiliate links to posts or IG Stories, it’s vital to make them as visible as possible. Your followers should clearly realize what link they’re about to click and how the product behind that link can change their life for the better. Always mark your affiliate links by letting users know in the post description, IG Stories, or through hashtags.

When your followers or users purchase a product or service through your link, you get a small commission on the total order value. Commission rates may vary depending on the brand and their program, but the average affiliate commission is between 5–30%.

Instagram is a great tool for promoting brands, since you can add pictures and videos, which will help to present a product or service in the best light. Instagram is a free, online photo-sharing application and social network platform where you can easily create engaging content and convert followers into buyers.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing as a Source of Income

– Whether you’re an influencer or a micro blogger, by using affiliate links you can make your content better. When users see relevant links to products and services, they will more likely trust the author and thereby increase their credibility;

– Making money recommending products doesn’t require special knowledge or investing your own money. All you need to do is to log in to the ConvertSocial platform, add generated links in your content and start earning passive income;

– In case your content goes viral or you amass a huge following on Instagram, there is a high probability of making a good profit. But make sure you’re an expert in your field who knows what their audience needs. You’ll also need to create a strong promotional strategy;

– ConvertSocial platform gives you access to promotional offers from 30.000+ brands, which allow you to diversify your revenue streams. Even within a single field, you can choose to promote a number of products or services. This will allow you to manage seasonal demand fluctuations and keep on making money when one of the affiliate programs stops working.

What Is ConvertSocial Monetization Platform?

ConvertSocial by Admitad is a traffic monetization platform for bloggers and influencers who want to make money with their social media profiles. This is also a single point of access for content creators to promote products and services from brands around the world.

We provide both micro- and macro-bloggers an opportunity for choosing a product or brand to share with followers, and make money every time someone makes a purchase. Make even more money since you can pick the advertising format that suits your needs the best.

What are the steps to take to start making money with ConvertSocial platform.

Step 1. Sign up

Registration process won’t take a long time and you’ll only need your email and password to proceed.


Step 2. Add Your Social Media Accounts

Indicate the social network where you plan to post the content. You can do this by opening “My social networks” section. You can add either your Instagram or TikTok profile, Youtube channel, Facebook group, Telegram channel.

This step is required to start collaborating with brands and get referral links.


Step 3. Generate Your First Referral Link

You can generate referral links to the brand’s main page, as well as to a specific product that you might want to promote.

There are two ways to generate a referral link:

  • Click “Get link” in the “Brands” section to immediately generate a referral link to a brand’s main page;
  • Insert a link to the product page into the “Link to the brand’s website page” field to create a referral link to a specific product or service. This will make things easier for your followers to find the product you’re promoting.

Step 4. Add a Referral Link to Your Content

Review the brand’s product or service and then add a referral link to it in the description.

Step 5. Analyze the results

After adding the referral links, keep track of results in the “Statistics” section. Use it to track link clicks and orders.

In case there is user activity, and people click your links, then everything is fine – you pick products and services that are relevant to your audience.

If there are few clicks, then it may be worth waiting a little and giving your followers time to decide on a purchase.

And if there are no clicks at all, try promoting different products.

Keep in mind, the more often you analyze the results, the more accurately you will be able to figure out which products and services are relevant to your audience and bring you the most revenue.


Step 6. Confirmation

Once the first payment is made through your link, you will see the potential reward in the report section. The brand will then check it, and the money will be credited to your personal account.


Step 7. Withdraw money from account

Once your earnings exceed 10 euros, you can transfer funds to your card, bank account, PayPal account, or WebMoney.


All done! Now you will get a commission every time a user purchases something through your link.

How To Choose The Best Brand To Promote

Even if you know a thing or two about creating engaging content, finding a brand to promote can be a daunting task. Here’re the things you should know before diving right in:

  1. The Amount of Commission

Depending on the brand and program, the amount of the commission may vary. Before creating content for a specific brand product, it is important to find out what commission you are entitled to for generating leads and sales. The amount of the commission is determined by the terms of use and is paid in the currency of the program.

  1. Cookie Lifetime

Cookie lifetime parameter defines how long will be valid relation between the user’s browser and affiliate after the user clicked on affiliate link. Some cookies are active for 90 days, some for 30 days, and some for only 24 hours. At the end of the cookie lifetime, they will expire, and in order to re-bind the user to affiliate, the user must again follow the same referral link. The lifetime of a cookie can be found in the affiliate program description, and the longer they are, the more chances that the user will click it, make a purchase through it, etc.

  1. Brand Awareness

How popular is the brand you’re going to promote? Do people know its name, or how quickly they recognise it? Brand awareness is oftentimes considered as the first step in the buying process and the most important. It will also affect both the way you create content and the entire marketing campaign. The quicker users recognise the brand, the more likely they will click your links.

At the same time, if you promote lesser known brands, it is worth testing it for some time before promoting. A good rule of thumb is that you promote brands that you previously used and confident in. Your followers trust you, so don’t abuse that trust.

Keep in mind that abusing followers’ trust and promoting low-quality or irrelevant products may result in losing your audience since there are always a number of reliable and credible sources of information. Be as open as possible when describing what you promote.

Make it a rule: promote only what you would use yourself. 

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3 Tips on How to Promote Products On Instagram

Tip 1: Identify What Elements Have the Most Number of Clicks

There are several popular sections on your profile where you can add links. But how do you know which of them see the most of the clicks?

To locate those you may want to test different strategies and see your Instagram profile Analytics.

To start with, add links to your profile description, IGTV or Stories, and then track them to find out which ones bring the most clicks. Once you’ve identified the interests, needs, behaviors, and goals of your audience, it will be much easier for you to adjust the promotion strategy and create content that correlates with their interests.

Tip 2: Be Honest

To succeed in making money on Instagram in the long term, you need to be as honest and candid as possible while recommending products and services.

Users appreciate relevant recommendations and once they make a purchase using your links, they will return not only for quality content, but also for add-ons in the form of links.

Tip 3: Think Like a Customer

Almost any Instagram promotion strategy involves identifying the motivation of followers.

What makes them buy now? Is it a need for a specific product or a seasonal demand? Understanding why people purchase through your links will help you increase the number of clicks in the future.

It is also important to have a clear call to action (CTA). CTA should give a clear answer on how to follow the links and buy something on the partner’s website.

Now you have it – how to make money with ConvertSocial.

We hope that after reading this post, it will become easier and clearer for you to create links with the help of ConvertSocial platform. We provide convenient tools for influencers and content creators to quickly and easily start making money on Instagram.

Are you ready to create your own links? Let us know in the comments below.