The most popular YouTubers make decent money on YouTube by recommending affiliate products and services. And chances are you want to repeat their success. We’ll be honest – you can make money on YouTube videos by promoting affiliate links but you have to be more strategic in your approach. In this post, we’ll go over the different ways you can start making money on YouTube with ConvertSocial. Let’s dive right in!

How to Make Money on YouTube With ConvertSocial

Basically, making money by recommending affiliate products means you earn a small commission every time a user purchases something through your link. With more than 2 billion users watching YouTube every day, this video hosting platform is a great place to promote your links and encourage people to click them.

Is it hard to convince people to click your links?

Obviously, this totally depends on the quality of your content. First things first, you need to create a video that solves people’s problems and brings value into our lives. Then, add a cool description and a call-to-action, and an affiliate link that you previously mentioned in the video. By taking this simple approach some of our clients make as much as $10.000 per month.

YouTube is a simple yet efficient tool for engaging with your audience that also gives a chance to promote products and services you like.

Now let’s take a closer look at the types of YouTube videos you can use to help users solve their problems and make some extra money.

1. Product Review Videos

It’s a common situation when a person recommends something to another person. While ordinary people recommend to their friends and relatives, YouTubers do that to their established audience to make money.

If your followers love what you do, chances are they might want to support you by purchasing through your affiliate links. In addition, you can encourage them to click your links by promising similar results. Since you already warmed users up in your videos, followers will be more inclined to purchase products through your links.

This is an effective strategy that beauty bloggers use, for example. They do a review of new makeup or eyeliner that they recently used, warm up their audience and provide a link in the description their viewers can use to purchase it.

Alternatively, you can review a product pointing its advantages and disadvantages.

But you can go even further!

Review a number of products to compare them and stimulate users’ desire to buy one of them. And don’t forget to add affiliate links to video descriptions.

Video formats of reviews are useful and influence viewer perceptions in a very nuanced way. It doesn’t take much knowledge to create such videos, you’ll only need to pick the products you actually tested and know their weak and strong sides.

Product comparison will help your viewers to make the right choice and avoid mistakes. Just make sure to create engaging and informative video content that makes users want to click your links even before the video ends.

2. How-to Videos

Video tutorials and DIY crafts videos are really popular on YouTube and give you plenty of options for placing affiliate links. These videos can be either short or long but they should give your audience clear answers to their questions.

Please note! If your video provides only a partial answer to their question users will immediately leave and find your competitor who provides the fullest answer.

For example, you can create a step-by-step guide showing users which tool was the most useful for solving the problem. Since users know which tools you used to deal with the problem, you can now save their time by creating links to these products. To make the job easier, ConvertSocial can help you with creating affiliate links in your browser or Telegram messenger.

3. Favorites/Best of Videos 

These videos are more specifically described as recommendations on the best products viewers might be interested in. This is a video format that is widely popular among all content creators. Favorites videos give users an intimate look at the products while pointing out their features and characteristics.

When creating such videos try to arrange products from least important to most important. Doing so will make viewers want to watch the entire video. Again, in the description below the video, you may add affiliate links to the products you mentioned so that viewers may choose the one that suits their needs the best.

How to Make Money on YouTube Videos With ConvertSocial

Basically, adding affiliate links to video descriptions is all about bringing value to your viewers. It just doesn’t make sense to add those without offering something useful to your audience. But you can expect something useful in return too. The more popular your video is, the more viewers will be inclined to click your links. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Here’s the smart guide to working with ConvertSocial browser extension:

  1. Log in to the extension. Choose a brand or product you like. Partners working with Admitad will be marked with a green badge.
  2. Create and copy-paste a link to a chosen product or service.
  3. Add an affiliate link to the video description and wait till users start clicking it.
  4. After a while, the order will be displayed in the statistics and you will receive the first payment.

Can I Make Big Money With ConvertSocial?

In a nutshell, yes you can. But achieving this big goal requires patience and perseverance. It is worth focusing on creating your own positive self-image for your audience. Become an expert and your knowledge will get you more viewers.

YouTube earn money

Here’re Some Lifehacks To Maximize Your Marketing Efforts:

  1. Use comments to interact with your audience;
  2. Use videos as your response to current trends;
  3. Encourage users to share and engage with others while discussing your videos;
  4. Don’t forget to inform viewers. Mention the affiliate links not just in the video but in the description too;
  5. Make affiliate links visible to users;

Top Tips For Making Money On YouTube

You need an active audience in order to start making money with affiliate links. Since your potential viewers might find your channel through many other media, it’s vital to build your presence on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the major platforms where you should engage with users by running contests and giveaways. Doing so will eventually get you more views on YouTube.

When creating a video try to make it as useful as possible. Avoid telling people “buy, buy, buy” at every turn as it will be a turn-off for them. Instead, connect with your viewers on a deeper, personal level, so that they could trust you. Become their friend by sharing some news, events, and milestones or maybe telling heartwarming stories.

Tell people where they can find your links at the end of the video. Go in-depth into this subject to maximize your efforts.

Video quality is equally important. Lighting, sound, and editing must match the level of YouTube professionals.

Things To Remember Before Uploading Videos:

  • The 16:9 video always looks more professional. If you want to obtain an HD badge make sure your minimum HD resolution is 720p (1280×720);
  • Your video title and description must accurately reflect the content and contain keywords to rank on search engines;
  • Don’t forget to add affiliate links;
  • Video thumbnail is the first thing people see before opening it. Make it as attractive as possible to grab people’s attention and convince them to click on it;

The Bottom Line

When it comes to making money on YouTube it’s good to remember that your videos must bring value to users. To stand out from the crowd, create a video that intrigues and makes people watch it multiple times. Make it as creative as possible to attract new followers that might potentially click your links.

To succeed in the long term, consider joining ConvertSocial content monetization platform. It gives you a chance to create affiliate links on the fly and share them with your subscribers while making decent money with every click.